Atmail junk filter: how patient should I be?


I’ve been diligently marking all of my junk messages for several days now, but have seen no reduction in spam. How long does it take to train the filter? I get several hundred junk messages a day, so this is testing my patience.


Training the filter didn’t work for me in the mailboxes where no spam is being filtered. It confused tech support:
Me: Spam filter doesn’t work
Tech support: I see emails in the spam folder
Me: I put them there to train the filter
Tech support: suggested I blacklist more emails (because I totally know what email spammers will be using in the future)
Note conversation has taken place with 3 days time between each exchange.
For now, I picked one email account that has no filtering and left everything that hits the inbox in the inbox. I hope this will make the situation clear on their end.
Best of luck! Post here if you get your spam filter to work.


Yeah, I can’t figure this out: presumably many, many of DH’s customers get hundreds of spam messages every day, and presumably spam filtering is broken for them, too. So I can only conclude that a significant portion of DH’s customers have had their email completely broken.

Email on DreamHost is pretty much useless for me at this point. The signal-to-noise ratio is well under 0.02.


Well, like magic, the spam filter started working overnight. So, to answer my own question posed in the subject line, “about five days.”


daves561, nice! Thanks for sharing. It gives me hope.
Although my email account now won’t let me set an autoresponder either. I’m pretty sure its FUBAR.


daves561 Mine is working! I sent 1400 messages to the spam folder last night. most. fun. ever.
But this morning its working. I wonder if it is volume of messages and not time that teaches the filter?
Thanks for your help!


Yeah, I’m not sure what the criteria are, or if DH finally did something that got it up and running. No one’s saying anything… One pleasing thing I found is that you don’t need to use the web mail application to successfully mark things as spam. I was initially afraid that it was the action of moving messages from Inbox to Spam in the atmail web app that trained the filter. But thankfully it appears that it’s the mere presence of the messages in the Spam folder that trains the filter, so however you get them there is fine. Using a fat client like Mac Mail makes this much easier. Then it appears that atmail must just make a sweep of the folder every so often to train the filter. Not clear if/when you can delete the messages in Spam. Nonetheless, hallelujah.


I’m still waiting. Not so patiently. I continue to contact support and continue to get personally attacks saying that I am the only person who has reported this and it is because of something I did with the blacklists and that I am responsible for fixing it myself. Yeah. Seriously.

I think the only real solution is to leave DH. Search around and you’ll see that lots of their customers are finally jumping ship. You can see what hosts other former DH customers chose and how they made their decisions. Of course, what works well for one person, might not work well for you. But it’s nice to see comparisons with DH so you can find one that is at least not worse.

DH has gotten worse and worse over the past 5ish years. I was stupidly expecting that they’d improve “in the near future”. Dump. But I’ve finally had it. I draw the line at being attacked in such rude ways for something that is clearly an issue many of their customers are complaining about.