AtMail and email download speed

Over the years we have used Dreamhost email platform, first with SquirrelMail then (after a forced changeover!) AtMail.

The download speed of email folders is appaling and there have been many complaints from many users about this and many unfufilled promises that Dreamhost is aware and are looking into and trying to resolving the problem.

A point comes when you are forced to decide to move to another provider and the final straw has come just now when, in setting up an account on this forum, the activation email went straight to the spam folder - that says it all!

If a marked improvement is not forthcoming in the next four weeks, we shall be going elsewhere.

Thank you

I signed up for this forum to second this sentiment. I have 2 mid-tier VPS servers and I have numerous clients complaining about how incredibly slow the webmail interface is. I have begun migrating important clients to a different host because they cant stand the email speed.

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