Atlast my site is down too. For last many hours

Its happened to me too finally. Many people warned me of this while I was joining dreamhost but there were few who gave strong reasons that dreamhost is good.

One reason they gave was that dreamhost is confident enough that there customers wont leave them and thus offers them a $97 discount initially.

Hence I went on to take the risk and joined dreamhost and (according to Indian Standard Time [+5:30 from GMT]) yesterday night my site was down for around half hour. I used the panel to schedule a test yesterday night itself and the result was that the server, on which I was hosted on, was experiencing heavy load.

But things were normal afterwards. Today morning the things were fine but in afternoon for last TWO HOURS MY SERVER IS DOWN and hence the site too. Even the tests which I am scheduling aren’t giving back any results.

Please help me out dreamhost as after lots of hardwork I had created some cool posts which I am sure will drive lots of traffic to my blog but all this is stopping me to get through.

My website which I am hosting is

The Genius Inside You Is Still Sleeping

and they were very quick to reply to my complain…

it took around 10 minutes for them to reply…

and the site is up and running once again!!

The Genius Inside You Is Still Sleeping

Edit: I was preparing this message and gathering test dat when you posted your update - I’m glad they got it "up"again for you. :slight_smile:

Actually, all things considered (see below) your site seemed to load reasonably well for me just now when I checked it (I can’t comment about issue you may have had earlier).

That said, I surprised it loaded “as well” as it did. Don’t get me wrong; you have a “pretty” site, but it is extremely resource heavy. For example:

Empty Cache
19.1K 1 HTML document (est)
20.8K 2 Style Sheet Files
101.7K 14 JavaScript Files
5.2K 5 IFrames
53.3K 13 Images
38.6K 40 CSS Images
238.9K Total size
75 HTTP requests

Primed Cache
19.1K 1 HTML document (est)
2.4K 2 Style Sheet Files
11.8K 6 JavaScript Files
5.2K 5 IFrames
0.0K 13 Images
0.0K 40 CSS Images
38.7K Total size
67 HTTP requests

YSlow Profile Report Excerpts (first Character is the “Grade”)

F 1. Make fewer HTTP requests
This page has 14 external JavaScript files.
This page has 40 CSS background images.

F 12. Remove duplicate scripts
This page has 7 redundant JS components:

You might also want to take a look at this report on your page. :wink:

This page will always load slowly unless you do something to optimize it; there are many good suggestions in the report I linked above.

Additionally, you should consider utilizing WP-cache, if you have not already enabled it.