ATENTION: New Accounts

Not trying to set out any waves, I just can’t leave unnoticed the fact that I have my new account pending of activation since 29th of December, that is, tomorrow it will be a one week of wait and counting…

Yesterday I have mailed customer support regarding the issue and am still waiting for a reply.

I believe this may be related to the smtp issues DreamHost is suffering from, hence not receiving my account access data neither a reply from customer support. Nevertheless, it would have been nice to see any comment on the issue or a warning to new DreamHost customers informing of the possible delay.

We had an ongoing thread here

You can easily check if your approval email has gone astray.

You should be able to use the email address and password you specified during the sign-up process to log-in to the admin panel. Once you have logged in, go to Support -> Support History, there you will see a copy of all correspondence DreamHost has sent to you, including the approval email, if it has been sent.


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I know this is frastrating. But I had the same problem. I waited for more than one week to really start to use my account.

follow my suggestions, go to DH panel -> Support --> contact support. Send them an email and state the email as “OMG, EXTREMELY CRITICAL EMERGENCY”

I tried it and they replied very fast. Of course, do this only when we can’t wait any more.

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Thanks, I wasn’t aware that I could login to the control panel prior to receiving the account data.

I checked the support history, all previous emails sent and received from support were there, but none was an approval message with account data…

Seams awkward there hasn’t been a reply yet to yesterdays message [Jan 3rd, 2007 - 12:06:17], in which I ask for an ETA for account approval (if it hadn’t been approved earlier and I missed the approval email).
In comparison, my previous message sent at [Dec 29th, 2006 - 12:04:18] was replied by [Dec 29th, 2006 - 20:31:00].

Off course I don’t expect them to rush my account placement, has I don’t want to be complaining in a few weeks/months of skyrocketing server loads or atrocious downtimes. Still, a nearly one week wait goes well beyond my planning and I would expect that DreamHost provided some kind of feedback during this long wait time (without being the customer to inquire about it, that is).

I may be forced to take the suggestion of sending an email in the likes of “OMG, EXTREMELY CRITICAL EMERGENCY” by the end of the week, though if it would ever get to that point I would most likely be by then regretted of making the purchase by PayPal, and you certainly know why.

Hopefully this will be all a small hick up in a long lasting partnership.

I agree, a week is a long time to wait for account approval. In my experience, this is definitely not the norm for account approvals here at DreamHost. My own account was approved and ready to go within minutes of my application. A friend who applied the day after I did, unfortunately on a Friday, had to wait until after the weekend for his approval.

Of-course, during your 7 day wait we have had the new year and I imagine (only a guess really) that staff levels are lower at this time.

Anyway, I hope you get a response soon and things start moving along for you.


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we understand that… usually we dont’ want to wait after we PAID the money. :stuck_out_tongue:

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if I were you I would send that email now, a week is too long to wait for approval.

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I did what nathan823 has suggested (sent a OMG emergency support mail). And my account is activated now. :smiley: If your account hasn’t activated yet still, then you should try to send a support email too. Else, you really don’t know how much longer the waiting for me.
Anyways, good luck!
And once again, thanks!

I have just sent an “OMG” support email, and await for reply.
I also added that I would like to see my billing deadline increased in one week, since I haven’t had any service during this week.

I will update you on the results.
Nice to see everything is worked out on Meanie’s account.

Yesterday I sent a request regarding my account being in “Pending” status. This morning they replied and said that it was set up now… except it still didn’t work. Instead of “Pending” it now says that my account is “Disabled”. It’s been 8 hours since I submitted a second request to get that resolved and nothing has changed.

While there seems to be a nice community here, I don’t think Dreamhost is the place for me. I need a somewhat more responsive provider.

That is your choice to make, of-course, and I too would be somewhat disappointed if my initial DreamHost experience was anything like yours. However, support seems to be under a huge load at the moment (464 open requests) and response times are apparently suffering as a result.

I do not think the current response times are indicative of what you can generally expect. My experience with DreamHost support has been very positive, with response times averaging only a few hours.


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Congrats! :stuck_out_tongue:

Pls use this methon only for emergency. I believe DH support team is busy as DH is getting more and more customers.

Now time to start the fun in the internet

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It’s official, I’ve been waiting ONE WEEK and counting for account activation…

No reply from the “OMG” email so far. Worth noting is that I am already paying for this week according to the billing menu!
I think it’s more than reasonable to ask not only for immediate account activation, but also for one week extension on my account billing or a refund for this week of no service.

Not happy so far…

Check your credit card to see if you’ve really been charge before complaining about paying for the service you’re not getting.

Many people are activated right away. Just accept that you’re special! (Your Mom always said you were!)


No I won’t check my credit card since I have paid with PayPal… And yes I have been charged there in case you are wondering. I know for a fact I have paid for this week of no service by looking on the Control Panel under the Billing tab, Manage Account and voilá… Started 2006-12-29, Paid Thru 2008-12-28.

Still I’ve just got a reply from the “OMG” support request saying the Activation Department will get back to me shortly. Hopefully everything will be sorted out and things will start going smooth.

I would like to let you now DreamHost has just activated my account. They have also revised my billing date to reflect this week’s wait.

This may be the start of a long lasting partnership.

Credit Card and Google Payments are the preferred methods of payment, especially if you are looking for instant account activation. If anyone is waiting a long time for activation they likely paid with paypal and have had to go through the less automated process involved with that.

I’m glad that’s worked out. I guess checking the credit card wouldn’t be that useful if you paid with Paypal, but I didn’t know that (I looked back through the messages to see if I had missed it).

Welcome. Hopefully that’s the only serious trouble you have.