At the end of my rope

A question for the general community… is Dreamhost going down the tubes, am I just extremely unlucky, or am I missing something?

I’ve been a DH customer for over 5 years, currently have several different accounts for businesses, turned on a huge number of people to a great service.

One of the sites I run is for the courses I teach. I’d problems (HTTP 500 Internal Server Error) every other page for almost three months. After a whole support debacle, finally got moved to a new server (twins). Things seemed to be better. Now I’m back to the same old, errors that disappear after a refresh.

It’s finals week, I’m running a stable unmodified Moodle install, students are trying to submit their final projects right now and driving me crazy. I know I’m in a shared hosting environment, and I definitely don’t expect five nines of uptime, but I’m losing patience. There seems to be regular “restructuring”, but never any increase in availability. I have an open ticket now (3556196), and based on my experience someone will go to the site, refresh until it loads okay, and close the ticket with a reply that it “works for them”.

Is it just me, my luck, or is the relationship over and it’s time to shop around?

It’s heavy software, but a vanilla installation should run okay on DreamHost.

Can you share a link in order to perhaps get a few third party results from users here?

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

A link won’t do much, since you’ll only be able to hit the front login page. I’m more interested in whether other people are seeing a similar trend in their sites at DH.

Besides, I’m afraid to send any more traffic than absolutely necessary. Never sure what will send it over the tipping point.

I’ve been lucky most all of the time once I got past the first few months of a busload of new users (including myself) on my server way back when.

When you’re experiencing these problems, have you checked out the load average on your server? Is it just the Moodle site that’s giving you the 500 error?


This is the only site I have hosted on that server, the others are somewhat less important so I don’t monitor them as closely.

The load average isn’t high at the minute, but this isn’t a very useful metric. It’s only showing the load over 1,5,15 minutes, and doesn’t take into account all the other potential bottlenecks.

I’m happy to say that I got a reply from support after around 12 hours (very reasonable, and an improvement of past 2+ day response times). Unfortunately the individual just copied the site-specific error log (a few 404s) and current uptime information. Since HTTP/500 errors are often logged to the server-wide logfile when the request wasn’t fully processed, this doesn’t help me any.

fingers crossed…

I haven’t noticed any change.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost