Asteriks for subdomain?

Currently I’m hosting a domain with a friend, the functionality of the website I have programed is pretty simple but requires all possible sub-domains to be pointing to the same ip. So a php script would inform the user if the website they are seeking really exists or not.
Is this possible with dreamhost?

It’s called a wild card.

What you want requries a custom entry in the conf file. As far as I know, DH doesn’t provide that unless you know somebody on the inside. To be exact, you need:

ServerAlias *[/quote]
Within the VirtualHost definition for your website.

But other than that, you can use a wild card to point to another server where you have control of the httpd.conf file.

And don’t forget the wildcard DNS entry in addition to the Apache config, which is the the part that lets all those arbitrary names resolve in the first place:

* IN CNAME But yeah, Dreamhost doesn’t offer it. The reason given in the past was that it would let people circumvent the maximum allowed number of subdomains per account. Now that there is no longer a limit, I wonder if they’d reconsider. It might be a good candidate for a suggestion.

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You’ll have to run your idea by Dreamhost to see if they’ll allow it.

From the Wiki:

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