Association (church) online directory



I have a customer (Homes Association) that has used a 3rd party to publish a paper phone book with advertising. The book is always out-of-date before it is even distributed. (Membership 1500+ with multiple people, phone numbers and email addresses per membership).

I did a few google searches tonight which caused me to throw the word (church) into the title. Seems churches might be more interested in directories than homes associations.

I looked thru sourceforge projects and didn’t find anything really except projects that hadn’t been updated since 2009…

Anyone have suggestions for an online phone book/membership directory (that has the ability to add custom fields).

The site would most likely need to be SSL, with login required for access. Initially it would be ‘read-only’ data that is already on file, the ideal solution would allow for users to ultimately be given ownership-of or linked-to their own record or records for update purposes.

Anything sound familiar to anyone?


I don’t know of anything that would work out of box like what you are wanting but pretty much any content management system would be able to accomplish it with some tweaking. Drupal is always my personal favorite.