Associating E-mail With a User

In the e-mail address editing window I see there is a box with a drop down list of users you can use for a login and associate that e-mail with the user.

In the drop down are listed most of users, however there is one user that is not listed in the box and I have no idea why. This user has no other e-mails associated with it for login. Is there any reason why they wouldn’t show up or how I can get them associated?

bryan | website

I’ve too found user/mailboxes missing from the new address Mailbox Login drop-down list. It results from making a change/deletion to some other object that references the mailbox - this can screw up the settings. I wrote to Support and they manually restored the missing entry.

Thanks Chris, I’ll send a ticket to support.

bryan | website

So I submit a ticket and after 36 hours this is the response I receive:

There is no mailbox associated with the user schweb. Thank you.”

Are you really kidding me? Did she even bother to read what I wrote? I KNOW there’s no mailbox associated, I want to associate one however schweb is not on the list, that’s what I want fixed.

The most aggravating part of this is now I have to submit another ticket and wait another 36-48 hours for them to respond. Hopefully someone with a little more independent thinking reads this next one.

I’m so not impressed.

bryan | website

I have to say I have had the same problem with Support. You just have to explain repeatedly until they get it.

[quote]now I have to submit another ticket and wait another 36-48 hours for them to respond.


Yup. That’s the way it works. Be thankful you didn’t wait four days for the first response, as I did recently.