Associating a domain name with another (or a new) database


My domain name is registered with DreamHost, and a MySQL database ran with it for several years, all hosted at DH.

I need a new database, with a fresh WordPress install (I could not find a way to install it in the old database), mirrorring/cloaking works fine, but I NEED it to be under the original domain.

How do I do achieve that? Not comfortable with the suggestion to completely delete the old MySQL using phpMyAdmin (I do not have skills for this). If I try to start a new database with the original host, I get a standard “You’re already using for a database (or website)” error.

Many thanks.


If the old domain only has WP on it, just login via SFTP and rename to, create a new directory and upload the new WP files into it. Concerning the database, create a new one in Panel and use that.

You should probably clean up the unused directories and database once you have your new setup going.