Assistance needed


To someone from Dreamhost -

Please help me get my account reactivated.

I have been using a Dreamhost account since Spring 2003, & at least once a year I discover that my account has been disabled without notification. It is then a drawnout process trying to contact someone so that I can reactivate it. This has happened again. I do not ever mind paying money to Dreamhost. If there is some kind of problem, I wish Dreamhost would contact me. I do not check my account very often, so I really freak out when I cannot access things, wondering if everything’s been deleted.

The most important quality to me from a host is that they will give me peace of mind, to know that my account will not be disabled without contacting me (by email or phone, etc), that my hosted email account will be accessible, that my files are certainly safe. If something happens, I want to know that there is someone I can contact quickly & surely. I do not get these feelings from Dreamhost, & this is very upsetting to me. I was initially impressed with Dreamhost’s services, but I don’t know if I just need to pay a little more elsewhere.



Why is it being disabled?

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Hi, I’m not certain. That account may have been linked to my old credit card. I am really not sure. I know that when I try to open my domain, there is nothing there, & when I try to login to Dreamhost, it doesn’t work. Is there a payment deficiency?



Hi Dan,

Contact Sales at :wink:

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I don’t think this is over-due payment issue because DH usually sends email reminders if your account or domain is going to be expired.

Tell DH support you did not receive any email and let’s see what they say.

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