Assistance needed please


hi, i transfered my domain name but i still cannot open my page on the browser. site cannot be found …
how long before it activates?


It is very hard to accurately predict how long it will take for the DNS to propagate, and it may vary to a significant degree across the internet, depending upon the ISP’s involved. I have had take a matter of hours, but the general rule is to allow up to 72 hours (though I have seen it take longer on occasion).

Also, make sure the DNS entry for the domain was also set to the Dreamhost DNS servers. “Transferring” the domain may, or may not, have included that step, depending on circumstances.



Updating your information with your registrar usually takes 24 to 48 hours.

I usually tell my customers to have the new host setup the exact zone file as the old host, once that is confirmed, you then can switch domain servers with the registrar. Once that new server have propagated, you then can tell your old provider to remove the zone file from their servers and update the new zone with new ips if need be…



thanks guys for your answers , i am still waiting and i still cannot see my site working… it is becoming increasingly frustrating…never had this problem before. if i don’t get it working by tomorrow i’ll ask for my money back…
anyway, thanks for your help.


If you tell us the URL of your site, others can check to see if propagation is taking place. DreamHost customers are all over the world.

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thanks for your answer but cannot get old of my provider ( was free).


thanks simon it is


I check out the domain, and it’s showing as registered with through tucows with the DNS set to When you said you’d transferd your domain, what did you do?

I’m asking because I see that you updated settings on the 23rd of this month, but the whois lookup should show the new DNS servers at this point.

When you transfer a domain, you’re switching the company you’re paying to get that domain name. That does not need to be the same company that is hosting you (dreamhost). It’s entirley up to you if you keep your current registrar or transfer, it doesn’t make a difference. Regardless in the end you need to update the DNS to point to

Have you done that?

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The DNS has not propagated yet. Your domain registrar is still listed as being TUCOWS, and the DNS still points to Are you sure the transfer went through correctly? Your DNS record indicates that it was updated on May 23rd to reflect these current settings.

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hi, i have been adviced to transfer my domain by dreamhost support and at the same time point the DNS to and which i did. i did not want to switch company at all. they’ve been managing my domains for year now.


how do i update my DNS to point to and


If you are happy with your registrar, there is no reason to transfer the domain registration to DreamHost; however, you will need to log in to the panel that your current registrar provides and change the DNS record to point the the DreamHost nameservers if you want the site to be hosted here. Once you have done that, it will take anywhere from 24-72 hours to propagate.

It looks like “” no longer exists.

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Normally you would simply log in to your registrar’s web panel and change the record; however, I think your registrar no longer exists. That may be why DreamHost recommended the domain transfer in the first place.

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did that on tuesday still nothing… i am still waiting…


can i still cancel my registration transfer?


Assuming you have a standard agreement, you should have a 97-day money back guarantee on your DreamHost services.

Bear in mind that if your previous registrar has gone “tits up”, it may take a little extra time to sort this out. I recommend opening a ticket with support (which you can do in the Control Panel) to ask them what you should do. You have plenty of time to cancel later if you still want to.

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many thanks Simon, you’ve been a great great help.
God bless.


working, thanks again guys…