Assign External Hosted Domain Name to DreamHost Email Account

I just signed up for a DreamHost email account in order to evaluate it as a new email hosting (only) solution. I have no other hosting with DH including domain or web hosting. When I signed up for the DH email account, I selected to choose the domain later rather then to obtain one or using existing (I wasn’t sure yet which domain I wanted to use initially). Initially, if I had selected to use existing externally hosted domain name, it allowed me to specify the domain name ( and continue with checkout - but as mentioned, I didn’t follow this path instead opting to choose later.

Now that I have a DH email account, I am trying to figure out how to apply my externally hosted domain name to my DH email account (understanding that I’d have to modify mx records at the domain name host). I can’t seem to add the domain anywhere as DH either says its unavilable to obtain (since its already mine elswhere) or I can transfer it (not yet ready to do that).

How do I assign my externally hosted domain name with my DH email account?


You’ll need to get someone at DreamHost to attach the domain to your account internally.

Panel → Support → Contact Support

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