Asset hosting - reverse proxy?


I’m considering signing up with DreamHost. I already have a dedicated server of my own hosted elsewhere. I’d like to use DreamHost to host my static image files.

But what I’d like to do is use a caching reverse proxy (like Squid or mod_proxy) on DH, proxying to my offsite dedicated server. This let’s me use the awesome bandwidth provisions of DH without having to faff around replicating/uploading my assets.

Is this possible with DH? Is this allowed by their policy? I can just install and run up a Squid or lighttpd process?

mod_proxy is not installed and you can’t install something like squid or lighttpd on a shared server.

I don’t understand what you’re trying to accomplish here. You’d still be using your other server’s bandwidth, obviously, if you’re simply proxying requests from here to there. You say you want to host static files here but you really wouldn’t be doing that at all. You’re adding unnecessary complications and another possible point of failure for no benefit that I can see.

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“But what I’d like to do is use a caching reverse proxy”

Thanks for the reply. Anyone know if this would be supported on a DH dedicated server then?

DH dedicated is about the same as DH shared… but dedicated.
you don’t even have root access on it.

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