Does dreamhost support ASP? I can’t find it on the features…

Nope. That only runs on IIS, and the servers here are Linux/Apache. Though there may be some kludge you can run, but I’ve not heard of people doing it here.


I found this tool(o:

I wonder if this (or something like it) would be useful to enough users to make it worth providing. I have a few sites on ASP that I would love to move to Dreamhost but can’t afford to convert to PHP.

If any admins are monitoring this, can you chime in?



Simply processing the pages through an ASP application server isn’t the only thing that you’ll need to consider. Are your sites connected to a database? If so, which db engine?

If using Access I am pretty sure that you can’t access the default sql engine functionality from Linux. I believe Linux is capable of working with Windows dlls that would allow this but I doubt they’re very well supported, and it’s unlikely that many people would provide a decent port to M$ from Linux considering the significant divide between the two camps.

If you’re using MSSQL there is no support for that here. You’d have to point to a database server elsewhere. Once you go that far, you probably might as well run the files at that same location.

Maybe I’m off base here, these are just some thoughts that I had on the subject.

You could try this ASP to PHP converter:

Even with no ASP experience, I’ve converted ASP to PHP by hand before. It was pretty easy (for me, at least).

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I want to use the content management system called dot net nuke and I need and a windows server but I don’t know if it will work on Dreamhost. I wouldn’t know how to convert it to PHP.

According to this announcement, Dreamhost switched to Windows servers two years ago:

It says:
Web hosting provider DreamHost Web Hosting (, announced on Friday it has decided to move all of its more than 240,000 hosted domains to a Microsoft Windows server platform. The move from Debian Linux is to maximize assets and permit rapid deployment of new technologies. DreamHost is calling the new strategy “DreamSwitch,” and will be offering new incentives to encourage customers to stay happy with a quick transition.

Is this true? I found this on Dreamhost. I don’t understand.

Any advice? Thanks!

No Windoze:

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

Check the date.