I just discovered DreamHost doesn’t support ASP :frowning:

I want to run a Discussion Board that has been created by an open source group. This is in their readme file:

“Confirm that your server supports ASP (Active Server Pages). This should be on the list of features for your host. Windows servers commonly support ASP files. Unix servers can support ASP files if they have the 3rd party software called ChiliASP, installed.”

Please DreamHost, can you do this!!!

If we can send a man to the moon, why can’t we send them all there?

We’ve looked into Chilisoft in the past. However, we don’t currently support ASP, and don’t plan on implementing it in the future.

Are you flexible on the exact software that’s used? Any chance a Perl or PHP based discussion board would work?

Well, I wanted to use the forum implementation at

It states that ASP is required. Unless there is anyone out there that knows of an open source, PHP based discussion board?

Can I ask why you wont consider using Chilisoft?

If we can send a man to the moon, why can’t we send them all there?

Sure - there are lots. Phpbb is the one that seems to get used the most. There’s discussion of phpbb and some other discussion board software in the archives of this forum.

A quick google search turns up this link.

[quote]I ask why you wont consider using Chilisoft?


To be honest, I don’t recall the exact reasons. I remember that when we were looking at it they had just started supporting Debian, and so there were concerns about whether it would work on our system at all. Also, haven’t looked into the price in a while, but I think that the cost was fairly high, with fairly low demand from our customers.

It looks like Sun has purchased Chilisoft, so it’s possible that the pricing structure has changed. I will run it by our team, but I don’t think we’ll be implementing this anytime in the near future, though it would be a nice thing to support. My guess, though, is that it would probably be better to run ASP software on a Microsoft platform (or, better, not at all :>).

Thanks for that. I’ll check out PHPbb then.


If we can send a man to the moon, why can’t we send them all there?

For forum software also look at invision, that’s what i use and i found the features a lot better than phpbb.

Also, if you do use invision change the mysql connection to persistant.
open sources/Drivers/mysql.php and change use persistant to ‘1’.

I don’t know how it’s done on phpbb if you choose that.


A friend of mine was working on his own recently because he didn’t like the available ones and wanted a more stripped down PHP discussion board without avatars, emoticons, and other such stuff.

I’ll have him post a link to the source if / when he finishes it.