Asp variables and dreamweaver 7.0.1 templates

I realize DH doesn’t support .asp, but I have noticed some you of in here are gurus…and may know this answer…

I am using Dreamweaver 7.01 and want to know if it is it a known bug that templates will not update lines that contain asp
variables? If I remove the variable the template will update that particular string. If I put the variable back the template reverts back to its incorrect link…


<%@ Language=VBScript %>

guid = Request.QueryString(“guid”)
f_page = Request(“f_page”)
w_item_id = Request(“w_item_id”)

the link href="…/products/pages/pwm_amps/sa03.asp?guid=<%=guid%>"

When I remove ?guid=<%=guid%>, the link works ie products/pages…etc, when it is there, the link keeps the …/products from the template page.


got it solved…the variable needs to be in the head tags.