ASP & SQL Server

Dear Dreamhost,
I have plan to register hosting with you, but before moving forward, pls let me know if our customers need ASP, ASP.NET & SQL Server, can we register? How & How much?

Thank you!

This is a “customer to customer” forum, and the answers you will receive here are generally not from Dreamhost staff. If it helps you with your planning, Dreamhost shared servers run Debian Linux and Apache - unfortunately ASP, ASP.NET, and SQL Server are not supported. -


As rlparker said, The DreamHost servers do not support these Microsoft technologies.

However, DreamHost has partnered with to provide both dedicated and shared Windows based hosting. More details can be found at the link below;

Please note that the plans are generally more expensive and provide less space/bandwidth than the DreamHost plans, so it may be wise to shop around a bit before deciding.


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DreamHost doesn’t provide ASP…

"Do you support ASP and .NET services?
Nope, no Microsoft here. Debian Linux only. "

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I second this suggestion. the plans are not the best value out there.

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