Everything I’ve found on the KB and forum seems to be at least 6mo old WRT to ASP.Net. Is there support for this? I’m fairly pissed off right now that if it is not supported, that it was not mentioned on the comparison page as unsupported technology. I’ve already moved my site over to dreamhost and have roughly 50 files that I’d have to convert to PHP which is not gonna be fun.

Can anyone comment on whether the support has changed and if there is a better tool than that particularly tool is doing a fairly crappy job of converting my pages over.

From what I can tell, it’s not supported

To be fair, you shouldn’t take it for granted that it’s included if it’s not said it isn’t. You could have emailed them before hand and asked. And the servers are run on Linux which means ASP isn’t a standard or widely (if at all) supported. This is the same with EVERY hosting company I’ve seen that uses Linux on shared hosting. If you can find a Unix/Linux version of ASP and you have a dedicated machine then you can probably try to install it since it’s your machine.

If you would like some help converting the scripts I’d be happy to try and help. My experience is mostly PHP but I have some knowledge in ASP. Enough to create database driven web sites. If it’s anything more than DO WHILE NOT then that’s me finished ^_^;

Since you didn’t metion who you were pissed at I’ll assume you’re mad at your own blunder.

There’s never been any ASP support here, there was talk at one time about maybe implementing chilisoft asp but it’s been a long while since I’ve even heard that mentioned.

The comparison page shows the scripting tools available under “Programming” and as decswxaqz says, this is all Linux hosting, not normally the place to find ASP/.NET support.

Good luck to you.


Sorry that you’ve got some work ahead of you.

If you read the About Us, you’ll see that DH is pretty vocal about their commitment to opensource and their stance on Microsoft technologies.

Good luck with it.

Nobody lists unsupported services. It’s up to you to make sure that everything you need is supported.

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I think the point has been pretty well made, but I know ASP support is in the minority of hosting providers out there because the widespread use of Apache, etc.

There are directories out there that let you search for hosts with various parameters, including ASP support.

DH does offer a 91 day money back guarantee, so if someone felt they had been deceived, they could get their money back and go elsewhere.

I found a site that translates it fairly well.

I recommend you give them a try. If any errors come up, you can contact me on AIM at Logical Program and I’ll fix your PHP, as it is my preferred programming language.