ASP.NET (Mono)

I’m learning ASP.NET in school (put away the knives! I’m a PHP girl at heart! ;)) and would like a spot to throw some assignments and projects that I’m working on for my portfolio. While I could always sign up for an additional low-cost hosting package from another provider, I’m already paying for (and am very happy with) Dreamhost and would rather keep all my stuff here.

Obviously, DH would probably never soil its pristine Debian servers with crud like ASP(.NET), but I’m curious if it’s possible for individual users to setup and configure Mono for their accounts (similarly to how this KB article describes compiling your own custom PHP).

Just don’t want to start on what will probably be a frightening task rife with pain and agony before knowing that it’s impossible and I shouldn’t bother. :wink:


I would love to know if this was possible too. :slight_smile:


Anyone successfully running Mono on DH?

I have looked into this, as it behoves me for my jobs. And simply no, you can’t do this on dreamhost. Mono’s apache module can not be installed on the server becuase that would effect everyone on your machine, and Mono’s XSP server is a consistent process and therefore can not be run on shared hosting servers.

You could pay for a dedicated server and then you’d be able to use Mono’s apache module, but that’s probably a bit more expensive than you want to pay for testing out scripts for school projects.

If you looks on Mono’s website there are links (2 I believe) for companies that are running Mono services. the one I went to was currently offering free mono hosting with a 10mb storage limit - but not for long. They were planning on switching out to a pay service once the Mono code was sully stable.

Probably the most afordable way for you to test out Mono and your scripts would be to make a linux install on your system (dual boot if you want to keep windows) and then install Mono your self - though I won’t deny it’s a bit of an undertaking.

Hope this is helpful