Askimet stopped working, DreamHost to blame?

Hi There,

My Askmet plugin has suddenly stopped working and I’m being bombarded with spammy comments. The plugin settings page tells me that the Askimet server is unreachable and offers the following reason:

A network problem or firewall is blocking all connections from your web server to Akismet cannot work correctly until this is fixed. Please contact your web host or firewall administrator and give them this information about Akismet and firewalls.

Does anyone know if something has changed on the DreamHost servers or if this is an Askimet server issue?



Askmet is running fine on my blog, Mediawiki and other programs I use it on. It is possible that there could be a connectivity issue between your site and Askmet’s.

Working fine for me, too. Wonder if it might be a false error? Have you tried deactivating and reactivating the plug-in, re-adding your passkey?

If you still have no joy, open a ticket. DH Wordpress pros check this forum all the time, too, they may be able to check your server for you.

Having the same issue here, beginning around 2:49 pm CDT 26 Feb, and ongoing. While investigating, discovered that no remote calls from within WP are working, so no plugins, themes, etc., could be updated through the WP interface, though accessing those remote sites directly clearly shows they’re up and responsive. While the update attempts report only an in WP connection failure, which could be a connectivity issue between the servers, attempting to manually have Akismet check spam instead returns a 500/Internal Server Error, but as none of the software is set to auto-update and no manual changes have been made to the sites for some time, the problem has to be a server/software/permissions change of some sort on the hosting side as these were all working fine until yesterday. The problem exists on both domains I host at DH, on three diff. installations of WP. Unfortunately, no reply from support.

According to the Data Centers page on the control panel, all of mine are running on crawford on US-East. ChrisK, TeraS & artgeek, are your sites on US-West or US-East?

US-East and I am running one VPS and one shared both with WP sites on them

ChrisK, I logged into your server and ran the most simple test I can: I used lynx to access (and If you were being blocked by IP (which has happened before), that should error.

That it’s not may mean your ID was blocked on their end. Have you contacted them to ask?

Sometimes if you get tagged as spam, your API stops working.

I also reached out to my friends at Akismet who are making sure they’re not blocking DreamHost servers :slight_smile:

I just reactivated the plugin and it all seems to be working fine. Thanks to all for your responses and efforts.