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Has anyone had any experience installing Article Dashboard? - helping career seekers to solve ther puzzle


Oops! My “spam alert” sensitivity must have been set really low tonight, and I bit… I ought to know better by now…I do know better…argughhh! (Orignal poster chuckles to him/her/its self while trolling merrily through the forum)

Out of curiosity, I went to take a look at thinking to give it a spin so I could respopnd to his/her/its post (I love installing and testing new stuff at dreamhost!), but had to pass after looking at the site and reading the marketing stuff.

I just didn’t think it was worth giving these guys my email address to see the code. Sorry. “Spam Shields Up!”


Yeah that one page is kinda of ridiculous and turned me off too. I used a fake email to get the link to the script. They probbaly wouldn’t like it but here’s the direct link to the script if you want to try. - helping career seekers to solve ther puzzle


My apoploigies! I guess you are serious about your inquiry, and I apologize profusely for assuming from the site I visited that this might be a “troll” message or a subtle forum spam. Obiously, you are not an "it’ (or you are a powerful AI that fully passed the Turing Test!).

Now that you have pointed me directly to the script, would you still like me to take a run at installing it on DH (after I inspect it - I still suspect it might be a “viral marketing” thing that might do “bad things”) to see what is involved, or are gonna give it a spin yourself?



No problem at all.
I did give it a try and I was having trouble trying to install it because it wouldn’t connect to the newly created databases I created. In the end I direct the install to populate tables on an existing database I created for Joomla.

I finally got to administering the script and customizing the template but then something I did to one of them templates screwed up my login. Now I can’t log in as admin.

Oh btw, it is viral marketing. The default index page has a banner linking to gatorhost with the creator as the referral. It can be simply removed from the template but I suspect a lot of people who would want to have this script don’t know how to do that.

You can go ahead and give it a try, let me know what you think. I just wanted to host career-specific articles on there but it looks like it’s better suited just to host articles on all types of topics. - helping career seekers to solve ther puzzle



I understand; my tweaking templates has tweaked more than one application to death ;-).

Right now, I’m a little slammed, so unless you seriously intend to use the application, I’ll put doing a test-install on the back-burner for now. If your feeling on using the program changes, just post back and I’ll try to find time to do an install to see if I can figure out what might be happening.

Just a thought, since you referrenced Joomla in you last post, have you considered using Joomla Newsfeeds to grab just career related articles vis rss/atom for your site?

That way you could control your content easily enough by tweaking the parameters of your feeds.



You know that’s a good question. Joomla is a beautiful program and I can just feel its potential. However when I tried to customize it to my own liking, I ended up with a massive headache.

Do you have an example on hand of a good implementation of Joomla Newsfeeds via rss? Maybe I should do a fresh install and try to figure it out again.

Basically I’m just trying to create a central location where people who write career articles can submit them and people who are looking for articles can find them. - helping career seekers to solve ther puzzle