Arrgh! WordPress, DreamHost, and Users

OK, So I have two domains on my account. I want to set one up to have WordPress installed on it. I can’t, but the reasons seem to be very slippery, and change daily, sometimes hourly. I have already contacted support, but I cannot seem to get this to work properly.

First, when I installed WP, there was a hiccup when the database was being created. This completely locked me out, as there was no table for any users. So, DreamHost support then wiped the slate clean. I then installed it again, and this time it worked. Less than 2 hours later, it wouldn’t allow me to install any themes, and just 30 minutes after that, it denied me access to any of the admin pages. At about the same time, the site went offline, even though I could see the WP directory structure and file when webFTP’ing into the domain. Again, I emailed support, and they said the problem was i that I was logging in as the wrong user, and that user was pointing to site A, when I wanted it to point to site B (the site I’m trying to install WP on.)

Yet, even if I create a new user, just for site B, I cannot log in as that user, and there seems to be no way for me to point any user to any particular site.

I’ve looked at the wiki, but it doesn’t seem to support any information except for deprecated functions that used to be supported years ago. I’ve drilled down through every option in the webpanel, but cannot seem to locate how I’m supposed to point a user to a site, when there is no visible way to a. log in as a user, other than the user I created when I purchased the hosting, or b. point a particular user to a particular site. Now, I can associate a new user with site B, but since I cannot log in as the new user, it’s an exercise in frustration.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.