I am tearing my hair out trying to upload/set up a database … I haven’t a clue where I have gone wrong.

I have a 40mb database which I d/l as a sql text file and then split into less than 1mb parts (52 of them!)

I created a database from the control panel, logged into phpmyadmin via the link in the DHCP and then clicked on “Query Window” … I then chose “import files” and imported all 52 files successfully … getting the message “Your SQL-query has been executed successfully :The content of your file has been inserted” after each one.

However no tables were created and the database shows as empty… how can that be? Where did my files go??

What have I done wrong? Why didn’t it create the tables?

I have been at this for 3 days solid now… 8 hours continuously today alone and I am really at the end of my tether… can anyone help?

oh and no I dont use ssh or telet I want to do it via phpmyadmin rather than trying to learne something else new at this point…thanks.