Are you allowed to

signup for a new account if your old account got disabled?

You’re always welcome to throw more money DreamHost’s way. And then get disabled again if you repeat whatever it is that got your last account disabled.


As if I would actually make the same mistake, I’m just currently trying to get my data back right now… Had signed up for 2 years because I wasn’t planning on anything like this happening, been with them for a few years and this happens now. And I don’t know if I want to make another account, because they could be jerks and ban the new account just because it was from the same IP and happily take even more of my money then they already have. I may just have to end up hosting my own server, because most of the other webhosts that I’ve checked out seem pretty bad. Except for support wise.

I am not concerned with what sort of policy you violated to get your account canceled, so this has nothing to do with that. Think about it like this though, they probably banned you rather than your account due to whatever you did.

If you create another account and choose to associate yourself with the first account trying to get your data, it’s still you and you’re already banned. If you choose not to associate yourself with the old account because you’ve “turned over a new leaf”, you’re not going to be able to access that data.

How are you expecting to gain access to your old files? Your previous login/password is disabled now. I’m not intimately familiar with DH policies, but I am pretty sure you’re setting yourself up for disappointment here.

No I don’t mean that, most of my files are good and nothing wrong with them. I would make a new account and not upload what they disabled me for, I was just storing some files in an FTP only area that they didn’t approve of. I’m asking them by support to allow me access back to my files, I’ve also offered to pay aswell, because I have very important data that can’t be lost- and some other peoples data hosted by me aswell.

As it looks like you’ve already decided yourself, the best way to approach this is to talk with DH directly before spending any money on the new account.

They seem pretty straight and I highly doubt they would pull a rug from under your feet in the event you can come to an agreement with them first. Guess this is just another reminder to keep backups somewhere in addition to just on the DH servers.

Good luck man. Hope it works out for you.

This is a bit ridiculous, 7+ days and no response… I’m going to have to resend it then.