Are we ALL on One server for the shared?


Hey, I was just wondering if we are ALL on the same server if we’re on a SHARED plan? Or is there alot of SHARED servers and a small group of hosting customers are on one and etc…?
Also, what’s the uptime and speed like on DH?


There are a bunch of servers a list
The uptime is good mine
Someone might be able to help you with the speed. (I don’t personally know)

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I hope not, that would make things really slow…

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According to the site monitoring I’ve been using, I’ve got somewhere in the neighborhood of 99.85% uptime.

There are tons of servers. If you log in via ssh, you can see what server you’re on–it’ll say “Welcome to” when you log in, and it’ll also list the server name at the command prompt. If you’re curious as to how many sites are hosted on the server you’re on, you can look it up at (or just plug in ) and look under “Reverse IP”. It’ll say something like “Web server hosts 20 web sites” (that’s what it says for mine).

But that’s really not a reliable indicator of how stable the server is since so much depends on how the other folks on your server are using their sites.


I think a particular host can have more than one public IP address, the number you get from whois is only showing the sites on one of those IP addresses.

Try this command in the console (SSH), it will show the number of machine users on a server. Remember, each machine user can have more than one site under them.

grep home /etc/passwd -c

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There really is no reliable way for you to know how many domains are on one machine. A machine may have several ip address assigned. Also one user could have hundred’s of domains or none at all. I know that I have serveral users set up that don’t have domains.

Support might be able to tell you, but the number of people on a machine doesn’t really mean anything. The load adverage for a server can tell you a lot though. That’s what you want to focus on, how heavly is the CPU being used.