Are UK users happy with DreamHost?

I want to host a site intended for UK-based visitors. Are there any UK based DH customers who could give me feedback on DH’s performance/downtime/responsiveness during UK business hours.

The price is right but there is always the worry that problems might lead to my site being unavailable during the morning hours while California is getting out of bed.



Performance and uptime is great up here in Canada, fwiw. I think you would want to be concerned about performance if most of your visitors are from the UK.

I think there’s users from beyond UK like Denmark etc. but will be interesting to see who posts.


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Canada is more or less = US time. Perhaps a comparison with Denmark might help you:
I’m running several domains off of my Code Monster plan, and have basically zero problems. If ever I need something to be changed, it can mostly be planned in advance so it’s not important whether DH takes 2 hours or 2 days for that support incident. The rest I can do myself via FTP and the Panel.

When it comes to actual support incidents like outages or errors, DH responsiveness is important to me. They usually stay within the 24h limit that they gibe themselves, but too often they stray outside that limit. This would probably be the same regardless where in the world I am, but of course it’s DH nighttime when I submit most requests so there’s less staff on duty and that might costs some hours response time right there.

The most important thing to be aware of is that the telephone support callback options that you get on bigger plans are US only!! I was looking forward to getting 3 callbacks/month but only after I upgraded to code monster did I learn that they only call to US numbers. (Get a SkypeIn account with a US phone number and you’ve got your callbacks after all, if it’s worth the Skype costs to you.) DH was very fair and gave me a partial refund because I couldn’t use the callbacks.

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I’m in the UK but don’t have a real site as such and am very happy with the Dreamhost service, I have never noticed any problems with it.

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