Are these compatible....?

I am looking to buy software that have these requirements to run:

Unix or Linux Based Server
Perl 5.005+
MySQL 3.23+ Database
DBI Perl Module
DBD::mysql Perl Module
.htaccess Password Protection

Will I be able to buy this and install it on the server, and if not does Dreamhost offer an upgrade where I can? thank you very much in advance.


If you sign up with dreamhost on any of their shared hosting plans, this stuff is included. You won’t have to buy or install any additional software. You might want to make sure that your software that you got thoes requirements from will work with mysql 5, as that’s what dreamhost is running.


Problems you’re run into: MySQL version. Perl Version.

Insure the software you’re going to buy is MySQL 5.x and Perl 5.8 compatable.

MySQL one is important; ALL 3.23 MySQL scripts are NOT compatable with MySQL5 and a good mount of 4.x MySQL scripts aren’t compatable with 5.x.

5.0 -> 5.8 Perl isn’t that bad, but there are some inconsistancies that will need to be verified before hand.

Those specs are a downgrade, not upgrade. :wink: