Are there classified-ads widgets for WP?


I know there are a few classified-ads plugins for WP, but I’m also wondering if there are classified-ads widgets?

Thanks if anyone can help

Any classified-ads widgets?

Can you describe a little more what you are envisioning?

Hi sierracircle,

Well, on the basis that a theme is made up of a series of widgets, if I could find a classified-ads widget, this is more likely to work without issues than a classified-ads plugin, but I could be wrong here. Anyway, are there any classified-ads widgets?

You haven’t answered sierracircle’s question: What exactly are you looking for? Please describe your goal in more detail than just “classified ads”.

I have stated very clearly exactly what I am looking for, which is classified-ads widgets. Can someone on this forum tell me whether or not there is such a thing as classified-ads widgets.

google seems to know of a few…

No! Most of these clearly say PLUGINS and I am asking about WIDGETS. There is an effing difference. What sort of forum is this???

Well since you asked, it is a smaller forum that does NOT specifically cater to wordpress site development.

That said there are a few around here that would be glad to help you, but none of us really understand exactly what you are looking for. which is why sierracircle asked. Sierracircle is a regular to this forum that has a very strong grasp of WP’s capabilities and often takes on WP related queries such as yours.

You say most of the google responses are plugin’s, which is probably true. I’m not a WP expert but with WP’s current architecture new widgits are most likely going to be delivered in the form of a plug-in (if not part of a theme).

You can’t have a widget without code. The code NORMALLY comes in the form of a plugin.

So what you want is either a theme or a plugin that creates a classified-ads management system that has a widget.

Hence our answers are plugins for the most part. Now, if you could list the specifics of what you think this widget should do, or what the ad system should do, we may be able to narrow it down, but you’re kind of asking for something specific without giving us the details :frowning:

(I am a WP expert and LakeRat, you really should consider yourself at least a WP Rockstar, cause you know a lot more than you think :slight_smile: )

Ah, ok - sorry to all, maybe I just had widgets on the brain :wink: It turns out that a regular classifieds plugin works ok, so I don’t have to worry about classifieds widgets.