Are there any hosting package promos planned for the future?

I was browsing lifehacker and saw that you were offering hosting for a year at the price of 20$. Are there any such deals planned for the future? If yes, is there anyway I’ll be able to find out about them?

Use promo code BONUS97OFF and your first year should come out at 22.40 (or about 1.87 a month-- but you can’t pay monthly =] )

You can also use the same code on a 2 year plan, to take $97.00 off.

Note that promos are only valid for your first 1 or 2 years.

Dreamhost’s “sales” are never ‘announced’ but anytime there is a US holiday you can almost count on there being one. My best guess is the next one is Labor Day Weekend.

Yup – we almost always have a promo going on :slight_smile: We even have one right now:

Cool, I guess it’s only natural since these promos serve as a way of enticing more people to switch to Dreamhost. Thanks for the suggestions and the prompt answer. I’m also curious if these promos are available for multiple hosting packages, or just one?

The promos are good for only the hosting plan specified, and you can only use one promo code per account.