Are there Android apps to upload files to DreamObjects?


I was wondering if anyone knows of an android app to upload to DreamObjects?

Any app that connects to S3 should be able to connect to DreamObjects. The catch is that you must be able to change the URL to DreamObjects API endpoint (like

You can check the list of clients compatible with DreamObjects on our Knowledge Base but consider that only as a rough guide, since there are always new clients being released.

I am trying S3Anywhere at the moment. It allows me to configure URL etc., but I did not get it to work yet.

It works, make sure to put in the correct bucket.

Also the S3 URL: is not just “”.

To get it to work you have to do “

Hope that helps. I backup data from my phone all the time.

Thank you. I had given up but may try it again sometime.