Are there additional fees besides the prepaid fee?


I plan to move to dreamhost from an existing provider. This big provider charges me monthly fees for each domain hosted in the same account in addition to the regular monthly fee.
Their accounting is incomprehensible and I don’t like it.

Does dreamhost do the same or do I just pay for 2 years once and not get billed again for 2 years? Thanks.


Here at Dreamhost you can host an unlimited number of domains for only the price of your hosting fee.

The only caveat is that you are limited on how many server resources you can hog. You should check out the FAQ here.

It’s a great host and easy to work with. I’ve been with them for more than 5 years and still am happy to recommend them to anyone who asks.


With Dreamhost if you pay for 2 years, thats it, you don’t pay another dollar for that 2 years unless you purchase additional services, but this is your own choice.

I am hosting several domains with DH, some domains names registered with DH, some registered elsewhere and hosted at DH, the only additional cost was of course for the purchase of the domain names.

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Nothing hidden, but note that if you’re coming from a host that has unique IPs per account, those are extra here.

If you have a need for one (SSL, etc…), they’re $3.95/month.

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You just pay the once for the 2 years, unless you register more domains using DreamHost or upgrade your plan during that period.

Basically, as has been said; There are no hidden costs with DreamHost, everything is upfront and in the open.

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