Are there a lot of problems with WP themes?



Hiya everyone, I’ve never had any experience with templates but want to try.
So, tell me please what kind of problems may appear?


Just start with any of the free templates on and you should be fine, as though undergo a fairly thorough vetting.

If you’ve used WordPress, you have experience with the default “Twenty” series of themes. You may want to be more specific in your query.


Actually, a lot.

  1. Download the theme
  2. Install
  3. Install plugins
  4. Error with installing plugins
  5. Resolved the problems, install the demo data etc.

But if you choose paid themes, you won’t have any problems because developers have a support forum which answers and takes care of the questions and problems. I recommend this wordpress portfolio themes. Good luck :slight_smile:


Yes. There are many problems with forms, text, images, links, plugins. All is depending of the theme and your plugins. :slight_smile:


every day i faced new problem with my wp theme the last one was site wide


WordPress is a complex piece of software, just like a car: it looks simple, or at least the problem it’s designed to solve is a simple one (moving from point a to point b) but the underlying technology is not simple.

Cars require knowledge to operate and to fix, and so does WordPress. Themes and plugins are like the ignition, the changing gears, suspension in a car: they work well until they don’t. Once they don’t, you need to know what you’re doing to fix them. Good quality WordPress themes, well written, by professionals who know what they’re doing are less likely to create issues. Just like buying suspensions from a trusted source will make your car rides safer.


Nowadays, i am facing strange problem and don’t know its solution till now.

Few of the wordpress theme making problem with respect to https and http. Few posts are working with both version https and http but few are only with http and interesting thing is that i have never installed SSL on my server.

What is it? I don’t know and what’s its solution? I also don’t know. I think its a theme problems because when i changed the theme to a another one than the problem resolve automatically.


[closing this thread as it has no definitive answer]