Are sub-domains changes managed internally?

I added a sub-domain to my main already active domain name, so that I could test a new web site before transferring the DNS info to make it live.

E.g., where is already up and running.

When I created the “testdomain” sub-domain using the DH panel, it told me it would take 2 days for the DNS records to be updated.

My question, is this accurate, or is it simply a reflection of the sub-domain and full-domain pages using the same “conclusion page” text when you complete the process using the DH panel.

More to the point, is the addition of a sub-domain made internally at DH (in which case it would likely be completed in minutes or hours) or must it be propagated through the DNS registries the same way a full-domain must (which would takes days?)

Thanks. Just trying to plan appropriately for this and future projects in terms of how much turn around time is required when setting these test sites up.

Cheers, Jem

We control the TTL of a domain we are authoritative for, and in the case of a NEW subdomain (rather than a changed one), this (the amount of time a NEGATIVE response - the absence of a record - is cached) is controlled by the “minimum” TTL (time to live). We have the minimum set really low (currently 5 minutes), so basically subdomains will show up as soon as things update on our side.

How long it takes the zone to get updated on our nameservers to update will vary, but it should usually be within a couple of hours, often sooner.

Note that IE and certain versions of Windows both do some degree of caching on their own, so it’s possible that a negative response might be cached longer than it should be.

Thanks! The sub-domains did come up within a couple hours so I did get my answer in a manner of speaking on my own. Good to know the empirical reason why this is so, so that in the future I can know what to expect.