Are one-click installs kept up to date?

I installed the DH one-click version of the phpBB forum. The forum admin panel states that it’s version 2.0.14 and that there’s a newer version 2.0.18 available.

I’m not sure whether I should upgrade this myself, or whether DH keeps all one-click installed software (not just phpBB but any and all one-click software) up to date? Seeing the version differences, it seems that DH does not update the software and I should do it myself. Comments?

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they update it for new installs
but they don’t auto-update the software for you
this is because it would end up breaking things if there was a major change to the phpbb it could break a bunch of mods you have installed

but its easy enough to update
enable shell access
and use the ‘patch’ file that they’re provide for updating
easy enough, and more friendly to the users that have modified their installs

[quote]they don’t auto-update the software for you because it would end up breaking things


Very true. I’ve just manually updated the phpBB on two domains and it wasn’t that much work.

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What method did you use to update? I’m wondering if I should ssh into the server to do it? And do I need to download the full package, changed files, or patch only. I have version 2.0.13 installed and wish to go to 2.0.18. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

SSH in and use the lastest pact
remember to use the correct patch file though, theres a couple in the zip

and use the “udate_to_lastest” thing afterwards, it’s simple as pie

I went to the phpBB homepage and downloaded the latest complete version and unzipped that to my local pc. Then I uploaded the whole thing, overwriting the existing online files. (Of course I did a backup first!)
Then I had to “chmod 664 config.php” so that the installer could run, and then I went to “” and selected “upgrade”, and filled in the database details on that page.
Once this was done, I closed the browser to get rid of any session data, and then also deleted the /config and /install directories as per instructions.
Start the browser again, and everything was working.

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This method works great, unless you’ve got Mod’s in your install that you don’t want to have to re-install. If you’ve installed such things, use the patch file - it goes through and updates the parts of the files that have changed with the new version, not overwriting anything of yours.