Are Let's Encrypt and Self-Signed certificates being issued to different cert domains?



According to my web browsers, Let’s Encrypt’s certificate for my domain is being issued as (despite, in the email from Dreamhost with the certificate itself, it had been described as being for

In WordPress, I have my site setup to use (I don’t want to use So I changed the domain name control in DH to redirect to Therefore, as best I can see, I’m unable to use the Let’s Encrypt cert for my site. I get (e.g. in FireFox) the error SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN.

If I now create a new self-signed certificate, I can see that it’s being issued for not If I test this, the browser complains that the cert is self-signed, but otherwise has no issue at all with the certificate’s domain. So this is working as expected. If I remove the self-signed cert and reapply the Let’s encrypt cert, my browser complains again that it’d only valid for

Any suggestions? I know the Let’s Encrypt certificates are supposed to be good for domains with and without the www prefix but that’s not what I’m seeing.


This was resolved by having DH support re-issue the LE certificate.


Sorry don’t know if i am posting in the right thread. Just needed to clear that can i use the Let’s encrypt certificate for more than one site on dreamhost? I have my two websites hosted here. So far only one of my website Appflix had the ssl and i want my other site Degree Symbol on Mac to have one too.


@CherryM - you should start a new thread just for your issue.


SSL is a ranking factor for Google, now. I don’t understand why you don’t bother about it. My website ranking increase for the keyword mobdro apk, as i installed SSL on it.


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