Are hard disk mirrored?


if a disk failure occurs… are hard disks mirrored or backuped anywhere, so data can be recovered easily?

Thank you


DreamHost uses NFS, or Network FileSystem. User data is not stored on individual web servers, but on separate file servers. This allows individual web servers to suffer a catastrophic disk failure without the loss of any user data.

I don’t have any specific information about the file servers themselves, but I am guessing they contain very large RAID arrays with plenty of redundancy.


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Searching the wiki for “backup” should give you more details. If you really need the nitty-gritty, you could always ask support for an official response.

The important thing to know about dreamhost is that all user files are stored on machines dedicated to file service and those are pretty robust.


Thanks all for your replies.

Now i’m sure that my files are in safe place… :slight_smile:



Just a “word to the wise”: Dreamhost having robust storage is no substitute for keeping your own backups! “Safe” is a relative term, and even a relatively “safe place” can still be impacted by a disaster; you are ultimately responsible for the safety and integrity of your data.

I’ve never had Dreamhost lose a file, and I’ve been here since 1998 - but that does not mean I just “sit back” and trust that my data will always be safe on Dreamhost, or on any other 3rd party provider’s servers. :wink: