Are DM too slow?

Okay, I moved to DM in order to run Gallery. Overall the options and service are pretty good, but speed is less than stellar (on rhod at least!).

Than I saw this post on the Gallery forum:


I don’t know what to think about this besides I probably wasn’t the most lucky customer since I was placed on rhod…? :wink:

I don’t know what you are expecting, but your site is downloading fast for me. The sub-galleries (with a few thumbnails) finish in about 2 seconds. The full-size images take about the same.

Id have to agree, I’m not shy about criticizing DH, but your sites loaded pretty quickly for me (not blinding mind you, but not anything I’d be impatient for).


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Note that some of our machines are currently experiencing higher than normal loads and we are aware of that. It’s not an issue of us ‘overselling’ as people seem to assume as the machines in question don’t have any more customers on them than other machines with lower loads. We are in the process of upgrading a large portion of our internal network to gigabit ethernet as we have seen some of the network links being saturated at peak times. That change will happen in the next week or two and should improve the performance situation. If it does not completely resolve it, we will continue making changes until the performance issues gone.

We have been monitoring the reports of these problems coming in for awhile, but there has not been a magic fix-all solution so far. Rest assured that it will not be a permanent situation and we are actively working on it.

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I dunno. Move off of zorg seems to have done wonders for us.

Zorg has been bad for, what, two three months now?

We focus on moving heavy resource users off of loaded machines and making other network changes that may be causing systemic problems. In some cases, we may have to spread people on one machine out onto other less loaded machines. We will take that step if it seems necessary.

Concerning Zorg, it looks ok to me at the moment and I don’t recall hearing any complaints about it lately. I can’t say for sure what it was like a few months ago.

Our recent sales and related growth has slowed down our reactions to problems a bit but we have recently hired some more staff and have been making excellent progress on resolving some of the current problems.

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Can you check is see if my account is still being flagged for high resources? The email reports are useless b/c they dont show any info. Your system is broke.
my account is -
limbo-randy server who im guessin is a test server for high cpu usage? Deals & Coupon Codes. Why Pay Retail?

We got moved off of zorg about, oh, a week ago. Been smooth sailing ever since, too. You are saying that after three months of 8-to-24 loads on zorg they have finally vanished in a week? Guess you guys finally got around to paying attention on zorg – that’s good, the poor people left on zorg could use some good luck :slight_smile: Nevertheless I’m glad you moved us to leeloo; it’s much cooler name.

Thanks for all the replies!

Wonderful. This is exactly the good news what I wanted to hear!

Sorry if this sounded as a rant, but I came from a dirt cheap host i dk - - that was really fast in plain html. But I demanded more features and are pretty happy with the move to dreamhost.

Best regards, stoffer

This is being looked into. There is a problem with our process accounting setup and it’s not counting your usage. That probably explains why the resource reports we send out haven’t been useful to you, as well.

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I just got this email but im not sure if its correct. Does this seem ok/bad/good? 100% user?

Process CPU seconds user machine count average
php.cgi 1930.8700 100.000% 8.045% 9589 0.201
sendmail 0.0000 0.000% 0.000% 10 0.000
postdrop 0.0000 0.000% 0.000% 10 0.000

Total: 1930.8700 100.000% 8.045% 9609
Average per day: 1930.8700 1 days
CPU percentage assumes 24000 cpu seconds per day total. Deals & Coupon Codes. Why Pay Retail?