Are connections slower with DO than with AWS?

Good day.

I have noticed when backing up the same data to buckets on DO and AWS, respectively, that the back-up to AWS seems to take less time than the back-up to DO.

Haven’t actually timed it with a stop watch but was wondering if anyone else has noticed the same?


I’m curious about the speeds everyone is seeing too.

Of course, speeds are highly dependent on many variables, physical location, ISP limitations, size/amount of data transferred, etc. DreamObjects has high speed network connectivity through several transit providers in our Irvine, CA data center. Latency will be better the closer you are.

Just as a data point, I tested uploading a 25MB file using Cyberduck over an SSL connection to both DreamObjects and S3. For reference, I’m in Atlanta, GA - that’s about 2,000 miles from Irvine, CA and about 650 miles from the DC area (s3 us-east).

I noticed no difference uploading the same file to either. It took about 20 seconds with a reported max upload speed of 1.4 MB/s. That’s pretty much the top end for my cable internet at home.

Good day and thank you Justin!

As I said, I haven’t actually timed it, it’s a perception.

It could be latency, as you pointed out. I’m in New England, AWS-East is somewhere in Northern Virginia (I believe), whereas DO is in California. As I reckon it on the distance calculator, it’s slightly less than 500 miles to VA and about 2,700 miles to CA.

Assuming that Internet traffic to both places would travel on a direct line from my computer, the 2,200 could be very significant to latency.

I’m actually surprised that the results of your tests were that close. Uploading a single 25 MiB file may not be enough to measure the difference in speed.

If I have time this weekend, I’ll test the transfer speeds with a few hundred MiB of assorted files (or perhaps I’ll just keep my computer off and enjoy the weekend).