Are Ampache (or Jinzora) Allowed?

Are DreamHost customers allowed to use Ampache or Jinzora to stream personal mp3 collections to themselves (password protected)?

As long as you are the copyright holder of the MP3s in question, I cannot see there being a problem.

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Official answer : No if there is a copyright problem.
My non-official answer : as long as they don’t receive a complaint (and if it’s really private and password protected i don’t see why the will receive one) it’s ok.

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I’d really recommend contacting DH on this one, as this is “gray area” and we can’t offer an official answer. Use this form:

I’m thinking they’ll probably say no, because it’s a liability on their part to be hosting copyrighted files, but you’ll have to ask the directly.

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If it is illegal, then it most definitely not okay. Also, if DreamHost does receive a complaint, they are likely to immediately terminate your account (which will also result in the loss of all your data) without mercy. I just thought I should give you fair warning.

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I think we’d better play nicely in DH.

Do not try to host any illegal content. If DH finds out, they will close your account.

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You might consider Files Forever, endorsed by a lawyer-professor-customer.

Or, Always backup first. Don’t ask, don’t tell. :cool:

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There is a developing trend on this forum to give people advice that clearly suggests that hosting copyrighted works illegally is “fine if you can get away with it.” It is not fine at all. In this particular case, there are tools out there that will allow you to stream your password-protected music from your own computer across the web by opening up a port - a legal solution. The user interface can be hosted by DreamHost, but the files themselves should not be.

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I totally agree with you scjessey. illegally acquired music shouldn’t be posted anywhere protected or not. The RIAA is handing out $3000 bills to college students to avoid going to court. It’s scary, the music industry stops putting out any music worth buying and blames it’s profit loss on file downloading and goes on a witch hunt.

However, storing the files on your home ‘server’ vs. your DH server isn’t any less illegal.

So let’s just assume that the OP wants to stream his own ‘home brews’ for the listening pleasure of prospective clients, and that nothing illegal will be taking place. Happy innocent music being played across the internet tubes. :slight_smile:

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The RIAA may not like it, but I don’t see how that can possibly be illegal. I have ripped my entire CD collection to MP3s (about 45 gigabytes) so that I can play them from anywhere on my home network (a mixture of wired and wireless). I have paid the full price for that music, and copying for personal use is legal (see Audio Home Recording Act).

I see no legal barrier to extending my listening footprint beyond the confines of my home, and software is available from Orb Networks, which is even available for Microsoft Windows Mobile. There are also hardware solutions that can perform a similar function, such as the popular Slingbox.

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Exactly how I go about it. My sister recently received a Microsoft “Zune” player for her birthday and as she’s not a very technical person as far as ripping and converting go, so I’ve taken the personal liberties of doing it for her.
I store said music on our DH account, which is strictly limited in regards to access to each of us, and no one else. This way she has full access to it and it’s still within the Audio Home Recording Act’s policy.
Anything else would certainly be less than legal.

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I would have to agree. Keep the copyrighted material off or you may get banned. Also, don’t think bad of DH for banning people over copyrighted material. They are doing exactly what any other reputable host would do.

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And they restored my site (40+GB at last check) when they broke it about three weeks ago, including all data, without complaint. (Of course, they DID lose all the data to begin with…) I figure that’s about as tacit an approval as you can get.

I dig many things about Ampache, but I’d really like to run something similar from my home. Uploading 40GB takes a long time.

I recall one of customer’s post.

He suggested something and said “take it as your own risk”. It is fairly enough to remind us that this is a customer-to-customer forum. Most of us will suggest you to follow DH’s TOS. Before we take other suggestions, think about the word “take it as your own risk”

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