April Newsletter - webftp

So, I did NOT read the newsletter I received today… :slight_smile:
Anyway, I saw that they implemented the webftp feature, which is great! Now I was wondering if it was possible to install such a net2ftp on my own webspace (at DH)? Anyone tried this?

I’ve installed one within my account and it works fine. I prefer phpWebFTP though.

Looks like both net2ftp and phpWebFTP have that 7MB php upload limit when used with DH. What a waste, I was hoping Dreamhost would compile their own php config for webftp and bypass that limit.

Guess I’ll stick with http://www.jscape.com/sftpapplet/ for now.

I have to agree with you there. Although I think web-based FTP is of limited use, it would seem to be even more useless with a 7 megabyte limit. If I was going to be using it at all, it would be for uploading audio/video stuff while away from any of my usual machines. 7MB is rarely adequate for such a circumstance.

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While I think the web based FTP is a great move, I have to agree that its usefulness is severely limited by the 7MB limit.

Hopefully DreamHost will realise this and implement a separate PHP install for the FTP client. Perhaps a suggestion in the Web Panel would spur them into action. :slight_smile:


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They’ve had a suggestion listed since December:

“Up the max php upload file size from 8MB to something higher.”

It’s 3 credits.

Does anyone know if this limit still stands or if it can be changed for the web-based access?

The limit you refer to is a function of the settings under which PHP is installed on Dreamhost. As such, it is still set at 8MB.

While you cannot change that limit for the DH installed net2ftp installation, you can install your own copy of net2ftp (or other such program) and use a custom installation of PHP, or your own php.ini file with DH’s installed PHP. to up the limit. Both processes are well described in the DH wiki.

You can also install a program with similar functionality written in perl, and thereby avoid this limitation (check hotscripts.com for lots of choices) :wink: