April fools joke? My site is way faster lately :|



My website (sayspin.com) has been slow intermittently since I started on DreamHost, but recently it’s been very snappy.

I’m wondering if this is an April Fool’s joke, or something else, because I’m really really liking the change.

Morpheus is running at a load of 30 (was 6 earlier, still is crazy high) and my trivial site’s working great.

What could be the reason?

  • moving servers around
  • upgraded morpheus


top - 09:08:21 up 10 days, 4:51, 3 users, load average: 28.00, 34.39, 24.99
Tasks: 2 total, 1 running, 1 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie
Cpu(s): 14.5% user, 8.8% system, 0.7% nice, 76.0% idle
Mem: 4136360k total, 3346280k used, 790080k free, 92576k buffers
Swap: 6313512k total, 37048k used, 6276464k free, 1323892k cached


I believe that, that server was sitting on an uneven shelf. The shelf has been levelled now, hence the improvement.


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It is also possible that my muttering of arcane incantations over the spilled entrails of assorted small beasts last night may be helping … or maybe it was that goat I sacrificed in the wee dark hours before dawn this morning.

(Aw, hell! … is that an animal control officer at my door? Oh no … :open_mouth: )



Are you on blingy?

We’re having an Apri fools party over here for almost two weeks now… And we are having sooooo much fun…


Nice - blingy’s running smooth?

I wonder what the deal is. Perhaps some network configuration thing DH did fixed something else.

I just hope it stays this way.