I ordered a plan with a promo code. I paid but after 11 heures (!!!) they didn’t send me an approval email (I received only the payment receiver and the new account info).
Is it normal? :-?

Thanks a lot

Sometimes it takes a while. If it takes longer than 48 hours, email them.

There might be some human interaction in the process. I have seen timestamps just minutes apart between the payment receipt and the account setup info. Other people post hours and even day long gaps waiting. It would probably benefit Dreamhost if they explained the process and gave an expected waiting time to new customers, as these posts about “where is my account” come up often.


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I didn’t received anything yet :frowning: 22h…
Yesterday I sent an email to the customer section but there are 546 open requests Is it normal? :-?

Yes, that number is normal. The number of open support questions does not say much, if anything at all, about response times.

  • Some questions are tough, some are easy.
  • Some questions are higher priority.
    = We can’t say that Support handles X number of questions per hour so your question will be answered in Y hours:minutes. But almost always, your question is answered within 24 hours…

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24 hours? I sent an email using “Support Requests” in my control panel and the message age is “23 hours 10 mins”… now there are 659 open requests (yesterday there were only 360) and after more a day I paid something that I don’t have yet :frowning:
Why can’t they update the status of my account?

We have a fraud prevention system that checks all new accounts for certain characteristics and attempts to determine if it is a fraudulent signup or not. On any given day, as many as 1/3 of all of our signups are fraudulent so this is an unfortunate and necessary situation.

If an account is deemed to not be fraudulent it will be set up almost immediately. However, if an account is deemed to perhaps be fraudulent it must be reviewed by a human and that process can sometimes take some time.

We are always working to improve the system and we update the rules used by the fraud prevention system regularly.

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  1. I received this email

The account has been disabled by the Dreamhost Fraud Detection Team. This
doesnt mean you have done anything wrong. It just means that there was an
issue related to the payment method that you used. If you wish to
continue with Dreamhost services you will need to sign up with another
account and use different(but valid) payment method.The credit card that
you used to sign up with has been refunded .

I don’t know HOW continue because if I tried to buy the same domain, it tell me “This domain “********.net” is already in our system!
Please contact support if you’d like to do something with it and you don’t know how.” even if it’s free!
I have a prepaid credit card also but if I can’t buy the domain that I want…

  1. Please tell me WHY I’m refunded! It’s the first time!

Send me your Web ID or domain in a private message and we’ll look into it.

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it’s all ok. Thanks a lot for the help and the great service :slight_smile: