Approval taking forever

How long does this step really take? When I log in it says it’s pending approval and to wait 1 business day. It’s been over a WEEK now, I’ve emailed them twice but they don’t bother responding or helping me. =[

When you say you ‘emailed’ them, did you use the Support -> Contact Support section of the admin panel? This is normally the best way to get a prompt reply.


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Yes, that’s how I did it.

One tactic that seems to have worked for others in your situation is to set the request type to ‘OMG! EXTREME CRITICAL EMERGENCY!!..’ That does seem to get their attention. :wink:


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Thats what I did, and I think it should be since this is my money and I’m paying for all this wasted time… People are dying… I’m dying.

I understand your frustration, I imagine I would be frustrated too, if I were in your position.

I don’t understand the lack of response from DreamHost support, I have always experienced a prompt response to my queries.

Are you sure that the email address you specified is valid and working? You can confirm/change your email address by clicking the ‘Edit Profile’ button at the top of every panel page. You can also view any (possibly ‘lost’) replies in Support -> Support History.


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I ordered my site on 1/21 and it said “pending approval” well over a week. Yesterday, it said the account had been “disabled.” I contacted DH through Support using the option before “OMG EXTREME” and received a prompt response. This morning, everything had been activated and I received a couple of e-mails from DH including an apology e-mail.

Quick question…have you been charged for your site yet? I know I had to check my credit card because my credit card company thought DH was a fraudulent purchase. Thus, I had to approve it. Keep trying to contact them. If all else fails, I’m sure you can call them about it.

Charge showed up on my CC the very moment I hit submit on the payment, it’s still on there too. They have my money, I have no customer service.

Ditto… I signed up last week, they didn’t approve me for days and now it’s been 3 days and I still can’t access my site.

I just went to the DNS page, it said I had no “zone” and then created one for me. I’m wondering what that means… as in, is that why my DNS hasn’t filtered out yet?

I’ve used about 4 hosting companies before this. I never, ever, not even once - wasn’t up and running completely within 24 hours. And I waited a couple of days for help, too, and then… well, not much of it - obviously. It’s been about a week - and the first account I created wasn’t any better (this was the second, I got ticked and canceled the first one).

I gotta say - I’m very disappointed right now. There is a very good chance I’m going to “take my domains and go home” and tell everyone I know to avoid this place like the plague unless things change real fast.

I was originally thinking I just got the short straw, things happen and I understand that…

But it looks like it’s not just me. Very shoddy.

yep, you are not the only one who has the problem. It really takes too long to approve an account. DH must be too busy.

But once your account is approved, it’s time to enjoy the great services DH provides :wink:

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I signed on this evening and had an approval by return email. It was almost instant.

I am, however, impatient, waiting for my site to propagate… Is there any way to work on the site until it does?

Newby here, just wondering.

Sure! Your “Welcome” email should have told you how to get to the Panel and how to reach your machine user space via ftp. If you want to “see” your site “online” before DNS changes, see this Dreamhost Wiki article. :wink:


It is great. I think some people (including me before) may be confused by the complaints. Actually most of the customers go through the approval with no problems.

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