Approval Call


On the 7th of August here I’ve decided to start an account for that 9.95$ a month hosting (without additional features such as private IP, server etc.)

Everything went smooth till the approval call thing. The robot on the phone simply wouldn’t recognize the given pin I typed on the phone. I tried getting called 3 times, and the robot refused all those said times, until it finally locked me out and was unable to make any more calls, leaving my account still unactivated.

I’ve made a ticket that day concerning this issue and chatted with a representative only to find out that the billing team doesn’t work on weekends. Understandable, so I was hoping I would get a reply by Monday night/Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday night I chatted with another representative, and told me he gave them the heads up, and that I should expect a reply in 4 hours.

12 hours later (Wednesday), still nothing. Submitted a reminder that my ticket is still open.

Is this normal? I’m falling behind schedule and really thinking of switching to another host.

I’m sorry to hear that. Mine was activated in few hours. Where did you sign up from and what payment did you use?

I waited more than nine hours ago

payment by Google Checkout
Account #1020857 (zhiqia5)

and contact staff did not receive a response.

Sorry that my language is not good

Our account approvals staff haven’t been in the office yet since you signed up. Be patient!