Apple Mail Serious Problems

Hi all,
I’ve been using dreamhost for years happily. I’va also used Macs for years getting less and less happy everyday. Both the hardware quality and the UNIX-INTEL combo plus the constant upgrades give me headaches of all sorts.

And here is the latest problem, which might be related to Dreamhost.

Whenever I use Apple mail with my PPC and Intel powerbooks (all with the last available Tiger) I’m unable to save the messages I sent using my several IMAP mail accounts hosted with Dreamhost, while I receive fine (as far as I know).

However I also have other accounts in other servers and this does not happen. In my “Sent folder” I find everything.

Before posting I did intensive testing and the result are the same. With dreamhost I can’t save, while with the other (other servers, googemail and my paid YAhoo account) I save everything.

I googled for the problem and found someone with the same problem in a MAC-Australia forum. There a user also quoted the problem as being related to Dreamhost accounts, yet the post was one year old with no follow ups so I quote it ttryi8ng to know if anyone else shares this problem too.

As all this happened all of a sudden about one week ago, and I had no upgrades nor for the system nor the soft I use, and I get the same results from several different machines I wonder if the problem might be just with the dreamhost machines.

More or less about a week ago I wasn’t able to receive the full content of posts which were sent out of forms I posted on my Dreamhost server again. The software people (Forms to go) told me everything looked fine as I sent both the html, the php form gernerated through their software, and the settings they allow to save as forms are generally the same).

Could this be some kind of virus? As I receive litterally hundred of junk mail everywhere and as I teach in Taiwan I receive a lot of stuff in Chinese which is a large problem itself because of the several non Unicode encoding they use, which often the various server flag as junkmail although I have to desable the junk protection as I cannot afford loosing anything from my college and studedent.

If any good soul has an hint it will be wonderful.

Thank you very much

Dante Majorana

I’m running Leopard on Intel and PPC and have not had any problems.

  1. Did you set up your mail using the Wiki instructions? Especially Step 5 IMAP as well as the “Use This Mailbox for…Sent” in’s Mailbox menu
  2. Try Synchronizing All Mailboxes
  3. If you log into Webmail, are the messages in the Sent folder? How about if your send using Webmail?


I did everything you suggeted, however i usetiger and the problems persist.
Another problem is the certificates, no matter how many times I confirm their validity it seems as if Tiger doesn’t “remember” not just my dreamhost certificates, but often even the .mac themselves. I wonder if this is because Apple decided to change it all in the new meaningless “” or something …

Thanks anyway

Thanks anyway,

I might never have gotten certificates properly working in Tiger, but for my mail servers, I point to, so the cert agrees with the host name.

You still haven’t mentioned if the IMAP folders in webmail are working properly.