Apple Mail - Send does nothing


My email works fine in Eudora on Mac OS 10.4.6. However I cannot send email in Apple Mail 2.0.7. Clicking the Send button in the message window does nothing. Nothing happens. Checking mail is fine. I have this problem with a non-DreamHost email account as well.

I’ve set up Mail as per the DH instructions at I’ve tried sending mail with and without SSL. I’ve changed the port numbers, using 25, 587, and 465 all to no avail.

A separate problem I have concerns Drafts. Saving mail with Save As Draft works fine. But when I reopen the Draft, and save it again, Mail crashes and I have to reopen it using the Crash dialog box.

Little help? Thanks.

i have dreamhost accounts set up on at least 10 different macs all using Mail and no problems and since you said you are also having problems with a non dreamhost email account then i would say it is a Mail issue. you need to go to for Apple support because i doubt you will find it here.

For the crashing, are you using POP or IMAP?

Just FYI, I use with SSL turned on, using IMAP and have no problems, other than occasionally a sent message also stays in the Drafts folder.


I am checking Apple Discussions, thanks.

The current situation is this: Choosing Connection Doctor from the Windows menu shows every connection and login successful. But the Send button still does not work. It’s very strange, because I can send Mail using an AppleScript (iCalMail - a email scheduler), but not manually.