Apple Mail problem with Sent and Drafts folders

Hey, I’m using AppleMail on OS X 10.4.3. I have configured apple mail to use my IMAP server which works fine for retrieving messages. Unforutnately when I send messages or try to save messages in my drafts folder an error occurs. The message is sent successfully but it does not appear in my IMAP Sent messages folder. I have setup the accoutn to store sent and draft messages on the server.

Is there something i’m missing? Do I need to point this thing to a particular folder on the IMAP server? Is this a function of a bad SMTP server? I’m not sure exactly how sent messages and drafts are transferred to the IMAP server.

In account preferences under “Advanced” make sure you have INBOX in your IMAP Path Prefix.

Then if your draft or sent mail folder for that account don’t show up under the regular Mail Drafts and Sent folder you should choose the folder from the regular list, go to the Mailboxes menu, then choose “Use this folder for…” and choose the appropriate option.

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