Apple Mail Not Saving Sent Messages

Been using Dreamhost and Apple Mail with out any problems except…

Whenever I send a message in Apple Mail, it doesn’t automatically save it to the SENT folder. I’m forced to BCC myself each time (annoying). Do I have an incorrect setting?

It works fine when sending it from webmail and the “copy message to INBOX: Sent folder” choice is selected.

Any advice?

how have you set up the account? are you using POP or IMAP. POP will definitely not save the messages on the server. otherwise, you should make sure that under the preferences for the dreamhost account, you have the save sent messages checkbox checked under special folders.

Just in case it’s related, I know Outlook Express for Windows has a similar problem. This is because of how folders appear as subfolders of “INBOX.” To correct this problem is Outlook Express, it is necessary to set the “root folder path” option to “INBOX”. (It won’t even let you specify a subfolder as the sent mail folder.)

Perhaps Apple Mail is not so strict, but I thought I’d mention this anyway.

yeah good point. i do not have a prefix in apple mail and it sees the folders fine under the inbox. the only other thing i could think of is that you need to specify which folder is used to save the sent messages. you do this by highlighting the folder on dreamhost you want and go under the Mailbox menu and select Use This Mailbox For -> Sent