Append-only ACL?



I see I can grant READ permission only, or WRITE permission only, or READ/WRITE permission, on a bucket. Unfortunately WRITE permission includes permission to delete. Is there any way to grant WRITE permission without granting permission to delete (or overwrite)?

This would be really handy for maintaining an automated offsite backup. I did read a workaround (that works with S3) which uses an intermediary server which only signs headers. This is doable, but it adds an extra point of failure into the system.

If this isn’t currently possible, are there any plans to support this?


This is definitely an interesting idea. Right now we don’t have any way to do this as the ability to write is coupled tightly with the ability to delete/overwrite a file. It’s something I’ll bring up with the Ceph team, but we have no plans for this in the near term.