App for iOS or android devices to view images

I am a Windows user and tell my clients that they need to download the free app - Adobe Flash player to view images on my web site. However there are an increasing number of people using mobile devices as their prime searching tool.

What app can iOS users (iPad, Mac laptops etc. and Android users) download on their device? I get some feedback that people are not able to see my images.

I am not tech savy on web issues!

Skyfire Web Browser ($2.99) in the appstore is my favorite answer to that question.

It’s basically a specialty web browser that uses Skyfire servers as a proxy. They convert Flash to HTML5 then route it to the mobile device.

They also have an option where you as the website owner can set your site up so that the user doesn’t need a special browser check out
There are also other options in the app store now, type “flash browser” in search.

The free option appears to really only be free for 2 weeks tho.

Ultimately, you will probably need to redesign your web site (or have it redesigned) such that it no longer requires Flash. It’s simply not feasible to expect many of your users to download a special application just to view your site.

which is why I also suggested Rocket Optimizer even tho its a paid service (by the site owner, not consumer) it may be cheaper/faster to implement etc. until flash can be removed. Although I don’t see where they use the term CDN, the service also appears that it may be that as well.

Thanks for the fast replies. I will ask my web designer what is involved in removing the flash requirement.

Thanks Lake Rat, I am going to have to try Skyfire, it sounds like a good idea and the cost is minimal.

I have a good experience to use MyPics app on my iPad device. It provides best features to create and organize the albums. It has a secured data set up and several other useful management functions.